About Me

welcome to my corner of the web

I am a scorpio in every way of the word, meaning that I am passionate, loyal, honest, and assertive. I promise to be real with you throughout our time together & I will have your back during your wedding day & until the end of time.
There is something so special about capturing the magic between two people & being the one to deliver my clients their own love in it's own form of art... Running through a field during bridal portraits, saying I do surrounded by your family and friends, hugging your grandparents, dancing with your friends to your college anthem, and being effortlessly and beautifully in love with each other... it's the freaking best. 
My goal is to capture feelings. the one that lingers once the last call is announced. The ones that are there once the flowers are dead, the invitations are thrown out, the sparklers are burnt & you are pulling 500 bobby pins out of your hair. I am here to capture that feeling and freeze it in time for you. moments that you can hold onto forever, share with friends and family, show your kids, and have for years to come.

I'm Marlee gentry, a wedding & portrait photographer based in North Georgia but always ready to catch a flight.

Here to capture the feelings that you’ll feel forever